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About Caroyln

Hi I’m Carolyn. 


I’m a doctor of Chinese medicine, transformational life coach

and meditation teacher. I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life

perfecting my craft. I’ve always had mentors, I’ve practiced what I

preach daily, and I’ve never stopped learning.


In 2020 during the global pandemic and my maternity leave, I studied online

- an advanced course in Chinese medicine for menopause. This put such a fire

in my belly to help the women I know are suffering so unnecessarily with their

symptoms and mindset around this important and inevitable transition in a

woman’s life.

I am driven by ending unnecessary suffering.

In my view, most suffering is caused by ignorance. Ignorance is not by choice,

it is simply the lack of awareness that there is another choice available. A miracle is defined as a shift in perception, seeing something differently and suffering less as a direct result of seeing it differently.

Menopause is one of the things I’m here to help you see differently.

I recently had a new client who was debilitated by her menopausal symptoms - mainly hot flushes - after one session with me she never had another one. Now, this is miraculous. The miraculous is commonplace in my world.

carolyn hat and swan.jpg
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About Raise Your Gaze

I have created a 12 week method which combines the best of what I’ve learned and embodied over my two decade career. Two decades of training and experience in energy medicine. Energy is often an overlooked aspect of any situation, but it holds the most transformational power.


My method combines 3 powerful paths , Chinese medicine, Meditation, and Manifesting by balancing masculine and feminine energetics. The results speak for themselves.


Balancing masculine and feminine energetics is so important in the workplace as both men and women have these aspects- Yin and Yang  

Problems arise in health, relationships, career and finances when these energies become imbalanced. 

One of the most common ways these energies become imbalanced is by becoming too ‘masculine’. The masculine is Yang energy and in this context is not about whether you are a man or a woman. However, women typically become too Yang in their pursuit for success and therefore lose their balance and their ‘edge’.

I believe there is a limitless untapped power inside women and when this is harnessed it unleashed miraculous results in all ways - health, relationships, career and finance. Is your business ready to experience the unlimited potential your women can unleash within it ?! 

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