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About Caroyln

Hi I’m Carolyn. 


I’m a doctor of Chinese medicine, transformational life coach

and meditation teacher. I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life

perfecting my craft. I’ve always had mentors, I’ve practiced what I

preach daily, and I’ve never stopped learning.


I'm passionate about helping people to feel more themselves through 

a combination of healing modalities I've trained and become an expert in. 

Chinese Medicine and acupuncture are at the heart of my approach, but

along with the application of many mind, emotion, and spiritual techniques,

its power is more potent and transformational. 

I am driven by ending unnecessary suffering.

In my view, most suffering is caused by ignorance. Ignorance is not by choice,

it is simply the lack of awareness that there is another choice available. A miracle is defined as a shift in perception, seeing something differently and suffering less as a direct result of seeing it differently.

I’m here to help you see differently with a unique mind-body-soul evolution

carolyn hat and swan.jpg

Transformational Case Study

A client came to me with as a long term migraine sufferer. I worked with them to transform their life into a balanced and happier experience. Here's how I approached the problem to find a solution:

  1. Identified the root cause organ (based on Chinese Medicine) and treated it over a series of 6 acupuncture sessions

  2. Identified emotional triggers, and even though the patient was initially uneasy about going deep, the acupuncture points worked their magic to begin the emotional healing journey

  3. Identified areas of tension in the body and advised on massage 

  4. Identified nutritional deficiencies and helped them make adjustments to their diet

  5. Identified resistance in my client's life and coached them for increased ease 

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