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Be More Yin:

The menopausal stage of life can leave women feeling out of control, lost with how to navigate your symptoms, and emotionally overwhelmed.

But it doesn't have to be this way! I'm here to help you navigate this time of your life, holistically treat all your symptoms in one approach, and empower you to feel even more yourself! 

Finally feel supported through the menopause!

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Understand what your personal menopausal needs are and why

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Feel yourself again with an easy access holistic personalised solution

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Feel empowered to be more you than ever before by going beyond just the symptoms

Why me and my approach?

I'm a menopause maestro. I'm uniquely qualified to get outstanding results for a holistic solution. 

In 2020 during the global pandemic and my maternity leave, I decided to specialise in treating the menopause. I studied online - an advanced course in Chinese medicine for menopause. This put such a fire in my belly to help the women I know are suffering so unnecessarily with their symptoms and mindset around this important and inevitable transition in a woman's life.


I recently had a new client who was debilitated by her menopausal symptoms - mainly hot flushes - after one session with me she never had another one. Now, this is miraculous. The miraculous is commonplace in my world.

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