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Lying in Green Field

It's not your hormones,
it's your liver

Menopausal Liver Imbalance

Welcome, beautiful soul. If menopause has you feeling like life's handed you an overwhelming puzzle, I'm here to help you find the missing pieces. You're not alone in this uncharted territory, and your struggle is more than just physical - it's emotional, too. Together, let's unravel the mystery of the menopause, a journey often shrouded in silence.

Physically you might be grappling with:
Muscle and joint aches: Aching, stiff, and feeling older than you should.
Headaches and migraines: Uninvited guests disrupting your daily rhythm.
Hot flushes: Sudden waves of heat stealing your comfort.
Eye discomfort: Dryness or other issues hindering your focus.
Intimacy challenges: Sexual discomfort and frequent vaginal pain, making it tough.

Emotionally you're navigating:
Mood Swings: Rollercoasters of emotions leaving you breathless.
Irritability: Easily annoyed, feeling at odds with the world. 
Decision struggles: Indecisiveness and confusion clouding your clarity

It's not just tough; it's draining, affecting every facet of your life. If any of these symptoms resonate, you're not alone, and there's hope. The answer lies in a holistic approach, a key to restore balance in your mind, body, and soul.

Let's embark on a journey of transformation, where you gain more control, find relief, and embrace the beauty within this life stage. It's time to rewrite your menopausal story with simplicity, and empowerment.

Are you ready to Be More Yin?

Liver Balance Superpowers


Feel understood and supported during your menopause 


Feel in control of your menopausal experience


Relieve your physical symptoms


Feel mentally and emotionally rejuvenated


Feel empowered to embark on the next stage of life 

HOW To Get These Superpowers

You're here because you've taken my five-organ holistic solution approach and your symptoms result was a liver imbalance! Which is all about finding more flexibility in your life!


You now have easy access to a holistic solution to balance the liver for a full mind-body-soul transformation! Founded in Chinese Medicine and supported by mental and emotional wellbeing techniques each organ solution includes acupuncture pressure points, wellbeing methods and meditations that are specific to the imbalance. Each solution is different, but they all have the same superpower outcomes.

The Liver Menopausal Balance online solution is packed full of applications for a happy and healthy you. 

Green Nature

Why Chinese Medicine?

Let me introduce a unique five-organ holistic solution approach. Based on Chinese Medicine menopausal symptoms will be experienced due to an imbalance of predominantly one organ and element. Balancing the one imbalanced organ will have a whole body, mind and emotional impact. 

Western medicine often looks at singular issues and treats them directly. Yet a woman's health journey is nuanced and holistic. We can look at the body as a whole and see the interconnections between everything.

When we're dealing with hormones, fertility and menopause we know as women our symptoms can be all encompassing, from the physical to emotional wellness, to mental capacity. Too often our issues are overlooked because these aren't separate systems working in silos, they're interconnected and impact on each other. 

Living in a world where high pressure and levels of stress have a huge impact on our wellbeing as women because we carry so much on our shoulders. We're in even greater need to address our journey holisticalluy as interconnected systems. To feel well in the moment we're living in and prepared for the life stages ahead of us.

The Liver solution

Your online liver balance transformation package will include:

  • Masterclass for balance and transformation packed with mental, emotional, physical and lifestyle guidance

  • Acupressure points for symptoms

  • Food crib sheet for nourishment balance

  • Affirmations for your daily boost

  • Journal prompts for releasing and empowerment

  • Spirit of the liver audio hun exercise

  • Understanding the menopause and the 5 elements

  • Be More Yin masterclass and meditation

  • PLUS! Access to my Menopause Online Membership, a community for a safe space to share, connect, and learn. You'll gain access to ongoing resources tailored to your needs. From guided meditations to interactive workshops and informative Q&A lives. Feel seen, heard, and supported by me and other women like you during a time that can too often feel isolating due to lack of discussion, understanding, and support. 

Create balance and find flexibility in life

Menopause Transformation

Buy the full online package now to balance your liver and transform from menopausal struggle into a more vibrant you.

I'm a menopause maestro


Hi, I’m Carolyn, I'm uniquely qualified to get outstanding results for a holistic menopause solution. I’m a doctor of Chinese medicine, transformational life coachand meditation teacher with a unique mind-body-soul evolution approach.

I'm passionate about helping people to feel more themselves through a combination of healing modalities I've trained and become an expert in. Chinese Medicine and acupuncture are at the heart of my approach, combined with the application of many mind, emotion, and spiritual techniques, its power is more potent and transformational. 

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Your Commitment

Transformation is available to you. This menopausal solution is here to give you the opportunity to transform your mind-body-soul for menopausal freedom. However, to tap into this freedom you'll need to do your part. Some people will have results immediately, while others need more time and investment. Some will immediately get results but don't continue to invest in the solution and the symptoms return. I encourage you to invest in yourself and put your energy into the solution to receive the superpowers of the solution.

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