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Transformational life healer and expert Chinese Medicine Practitioner for your


Mind-Body-Soul Evolution

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Acupuncture to restore energy balance, alleviate physical discomfort, enhance overall vitality, and nurture a state of harmony in mind and body.

Mental, emotional and spiritual healing for inner balance, self-discovery, and a profound sense of wholeness 

Transformational coaching for unlocking your full potential

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I am so passionate about the healing I can bring to those I work with.  I have been on my own life journey of balance, alignment and empowerment and know the full joy it brings. 


I know the power of holistic healing of mind-body-soul and how it can transform us into better versions. of our selves.

Personalised healing for transformation


With a toolkit of techniques, I can create the best combination of healing techniques to personalise treatment for each person.

Mind-Body-Soul Evolution


I'm a transformational Life Healer and expert Chinese Medicine Practitioner. My purpose is to bring you back to yourself, for you to feel in balance and aligned across your mind-body-soul. I use numerous techniques in my sessions, personalised to your specific needs to transform you into your balance.


I'm constantly learning to add to my extensive qualifications, which include: 

  • Chinese Medicine (LIC AC)

  • Training in mental and emotional healing techniques (such as EFT, Body Calm, Mind Calm, Mind Detox) 

  • Meditation teacher

  • Reiki Master teacher for mind-body-soul healing

  • Self Care Coaching Certification

  • The Coach Programme by Melanie Ann Layer

  • Nearly 25 years of expertise imparted from spiritual mentors such as Jason Chan, the late Barefoot Doctor, Miranda McPherson, and more.

Initial Consultation: £1500 (up to 90 minutes)

In our first session we'll work together to identify your specific ongoing needs and I'll work with you holistically create mind-body-soul balance for you to transform into your best self. I may also recommend some wellness products to assist you in reaching your goals faster.


Single follow up session: £1200 (up to 60 minutes)

I'll use multiple expert techniques to continue ongoing treatment for transformational healing.


Bundle of 4 follow up sessions: £4000 

I'll use multiple expert techniques to continue ongoing treatment for transformational healing.

Clinic: (acupuncture only) BOOK HERE 

Ongoing coaching and mentoring access to me after the bundle: £450/month (via Voxer app)

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