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Women in the workplace


Raise Your Gaze At Work is exactly what women in the workplace need to show up as their best selves at work and beyond, at a time women most need it.


This offer is focused on the pre-menopausal and menopausal stage of life. From physical healing, to embodying your feminine power and healing your relationship with this potent transition, and ultimately your whole life. This is BIG. 


27 million women in the workplace need real solutions to their suffering. 


This is a huge amount of women in the workplace who are not able to offer their full potential to their careers and lives. This is not just due to the physical suffering that can come along with peri-menopause and menopause, but also the lack of awareness of what it means to be a woman, and what potential this holds for their work, and the world.

Find ease through balance


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We no longer need to struggle and suffer. We no longer need to hide. We no longer need to push through and force anything. 


As women we are powerful leaders, mothers, grandmothers, here to claim our birth right, serve our purpose and shine into the world. 


Beige Minimalist Butterfly Logo (10).png
Beige Minimalist Butterfly Logo (10).png

I offer you uplifting insights to your womb portal, your primal feminine power and essence. Know your cycle, know your body, and know how to communicate with your hormones!

We will identify and release your energy blocks, and explore the true nature of what it means to be Woman in her full unashamed glory. 

We will discover how we can get to know and use our energy to experience optimum health as we prepare for pre menopause and menopause. 

This is for ALL women - the sooner we begin laying the foundation, the smoother our sail through menopause will inevitably be.


There is exponentially more to discover about the potential of the fully expressed feminine, the best way to discover it is through our work together. 

My method combines 3 powerful paths , Chinese medicine, Meditation, and Manifesting by balancing masculine and feminine energetics. The results speak for themselves.


Balancing masculine and feminine energetics is so important in the workplace as both men and women have these aspects- Yin and Yang  

Problems arise in health, relationships, career and finances when these energies become imbalanced. 

One of the most common ways these energies become imbalanced is by becoming too ‘masculine’. The masculine is Yang energy and in this context is not about whether you are a man or a woman. However, women typically become too Yang in their pursuit for success and therefore lose their balance and their ‘edge’.

I believe there is a limitless untapped power inside women and when this is harnessed it unleashed miraculous results in all ways - health, relationships, career and finance. Is your business ready to experience the unlimited potential your women can unleash within it ?! 

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